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Bright Cross Animal Clinic uses laboratory testing for an in-depth look at your pet’s health. It may be necessary to run laboratory tests using your pet’s blood, urine, skin, hair, or feces. These tests are important to make sure we can get an in-depth look at what might be going on internally with your pet’s health.

By running laboratory tests, we can detect the presence of certain illnesses while ruling out other diseases. With our wellness programs, we run laboratory tests when your pet is healthy so that we may establish your pet’s “baseline” values. These values will help us detect if the current or future test values are abnormal and a cause for concern.

What types of tests need to be performed?

We take your pet’s symptoms, age, sex and breed into consideration when determining the appropriate tests to perform.

How soon will I receive the results of my pet’s tests?

Your pet’s test results may be available that very same day; some results may take up to 24 hours or longer.

Below is a list of the most common tests that we do:

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